Library Policies

Library Cards

Library cards are available for free from the Circulation Desk. You must bring proof of your identity and place of residence, such as a driver's license or passport, to get a library card. Children 5 and older may have their own cards, but a parent must sign the application for them and take responsibility for their patron account.

Lending Limits

You may borrow a maximum of 40 items at one time, including up to ten CDs and up to five DVDs. Most books, audio books, and CDs are due in four weeks, with the exception of new releases, which are due in two weeks. DVDs are due in one week. Please read your receipt to ensure that all materials are returned on time.

Late Fees

Late fees will be charged at a rate of five cents per day for each overdue book, audio book, or CD, with a maximum per-item fee of $5. Late fees on DVDs are $2 per day with a maximum fee of $10. You may not borrow new materials until all overdue materials are returned and there are no late fees on your account.

Computing Policies

Free Wi-Fi is available at the library; inquire at the Circulation Desk to get the network name and password. You may also use the desktop computers in our Computer Lab for up to two hours per day; bring your library card to the Circulation Desk to begin or reserve a time slot. Users under 18 must have an authorization form on file signed by a parent.

Note that computer use may be monitored at any time, and behaviors such as cyberbullying or attempting to view pornographic materials may be grounds for the loss of your computer privileges.

Printing is available at a cost of 10 cents per page.

Behavior Policy

We expect all library patrons to behave in an appropriate manner, respecting the rights of others to use the library as a quiet study space. The following behaviors are prohibited: