Library Staff

Head Librarian: Evelyn Williams

Children's Librarian: Charlene Stagle

Senior Technologist: Jodi Dougherty

Reference Librarians:
Shirley Butler
Mary Davis
Joan Hills
Bertha King
Dorothy Mayer
Chester Nichols
Judith Sloane

Library Board of Trustees

President: Sharon Cruz

Lilith Blount
Sonya Chapman
Kathy Dwyer
Fred Roberts
Alice Sexton

Interested in Helping Out?

If you'd like to help support your local library, consider joining the Friends of the Library! They're a nonprofit group devoted to supporting the library and its programs through fundraising and volunteer efforts. The group is most well-known for being the ones who run our semi-annual book sales, but they also help to stock shelves, run adult literacy classes, and provide prizes for our children's summer reading program. New members are always welcome! For more information on the Friends of the Library and how you can help, inquire at the Circulation Desk.

Friends of the Library Officers

President: Maggie Jones
Vice President: Leonard Foreman
Secretary: Wendy Moran
Treasurer: Frank Marston